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Datum konání:
Čas konání:
Místo konání: Sportovní hala Kbely, Toužimská 732
Vstupné: 250,- Kč
Webová stránka: ZDE
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Ilustrační obrázek, text v článku

Sport Hall, Toužimska 732/24
197 00 Praha – Kbely

1Day Ticket 10€ /250KČ
Tickets will be sold at the entrance of the hall.

Participation Fee
Solo 25€ | 615KČ*
Duo/Trio 25€ | 615KČ*
Groups|Formations|Productions 15€ | 370KČ*
*Per dancer, per performance!

Registration deadline is June 1!

Check-in is at the entrance of the competition hall. The representative person of your club is responsible for the check-in. You will get the your start numbers and accreditations for coaches. You will get one coach accreditation per 10 dancers. Only the representative person can pay the participation fees at the check-in.
Participation fee is paid in euros or Czech koruna. Please prepare the total and exact amount.

Medals and certificates for all of the contestants.
Trophies for the first three places.
Special awards for the best dancers

Solo (1) Duo (2) Trio (3)
Group (4-10) Formation (11-15) Production (16+)

Show Dance • Jazz Dance • Lyrical • Tap Dance • Ballet Modern • Contemporary • Character/Musical Theatre Majorette • Folk/Ethnic • Belly Dance • Latin Show Disco Dance • MTV Commercial • Hip Hop • Hip Hop Show (solo/duo) • Break Dance • Open Sing&Dance K-pop • Street Jazz/Fusion

Music – Time Limits
Solo 2.30mins • Duo/Trio 3.00mins • Group 4.00mins
Formation 6.00mins • Production 8.00 mins

Age Categories
Baby (3-5) • Mini Kids (6-8) • Kids (9-11)
Junior (12-14) • Youth (15-17) • Senior1 (18+) • Senior2 (30+)

General Info
Contestants must be ready in the hall at least 1h before their performance.
The organizer reserves the right to change the program.

We recommend the following hotels:
www.hotelduo.cz 10 minutes by car to the hall
www.wellness-hotel-step.cz 15 minutes by car to the hall
www.hostelletov.cz 5 minutes by car to the hall
www.blueorange.cz 5 minutes by car to the hall